online court reporting school

BlueLedge is an online court reporting school. Our courses include digital (or electronic) court reporting, transcribing and professional ethics. Also, we have courses on preparing to pass professional certification examinations, as well as unique and emerging fields of study.

Please choose the course you are interested in from the list below for a course description and FAQs with respect to each course.

Digital Court Reporter

digital court reporter

The Digital Court Reporter is a 10 to 12 week course. It will guide you though the principles, terms and techniques used by successful Digital Court Reporters/Monitors. The format used is called “Modules”. 

Legal Transcriptionist

In the Legal Transcriptionist course, you’ll receive comprehensive lessons, fun quizzes and thorough reviews. Also, transcription assignments and exams that have been carefully prepared and designed for successful online learning at home.

Professional Ethics

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to ethics and ethical philosophy.  This would be considered an entry-level course studying professional ethics.

Prepare to Pass – Court Reporter

Digital court reporters will be guided through detailed reviews and practice exams. The focus is on English spelling, grammar, sentence structure with emphasis on commonly confused words and forensic, legal terminology.

Condensed Digital Court Reporter

This course is designed to provide students with a general review and sharpening of skills. Topics include digital/electronic recording, playbacks, transcribing, editing and proofreading transcripts.  Students study the role of the digital/electronic court reporter, the legal videographer, and the legal transcriptionist.

Prepare to Pass – Legal Transcriptionist

In our effort to “promote the educational transformation of digital court reporters and transcriptionists around the world,” we offer the only Prepare to Pass online, interactive course.  Specifically tailored and designed to prepare Court Reporters and Transcribers for Certification examinations we highly recommend this course.

Formatting Transcripts With Microsoft Word

This course that will place you in the driver’s seat and give you “the” advantage over other job-seekers in this high demand profession!