Online Services

Our student website will walk you through your entire course and give you access to everything necessary for success, including:

  • online exams for easy access,
  • proprietary audio,
  • forums for student and instructor interaction, and
  • a report card to follow your progress.

Student Services & Learning System

You are given a unique registration number and login information that brings you to your course which includes specific instructions and everything you’ll need.  BlueLedge uses a Learning Management System that allows a complete online education experience.  You will find more information about our LMS by selecting “Our Learning Management System” under the FAQ tab.


Your step-by-step lessons, assignments, quizzes, tests, and transcription assignments are based on proprietary audios in addition to lessons written by your instructor.

File Downloads

Any files necessary to complete each assignment will be available on the BlueLedge website.

Assignment Submission

BlueLedge, a legal classroom, uses web-based forms to submit assignments, quizzes and tests.  Each lesson’s assignments are clearly explained and easily submitted.

As assignments, tests and quizzes are completed, the instructor receives notification via email.  You will also know your mark immediately for all quizzes, reviews, tests and the final examination.  Transcription Assignments will be sent directly to your instructor for marking.  In most instances, you will receive your mark within 48 hours of submission of the transcription assignment.

Automatic Testing

Each course has online tests and quizzes that are marked right away.  This allows our students to be evaluated immediately at any time – day or night.


Note:  All teaching is in English and your proficiency in the English language should be adequate for the courses you wish to take.