Prepare to Pass – Legal Transcriptionist

In our effort to “promote the educational transformation of digital court reporters and transcriptionists around the world,” we offer the only Prepare to Pass online, interactive course specifically tailored and designed to prepare Court Reporters and Transcribers for Certification examinations.

The Certification examinations require a passing mark of at least 95%.  With that in mind, we have customized our one-of-a-kind courses in the following ways:

In Prepare to Pass 101, the passing mark is 65%.

In Prepare to Pass 102, the passing mark is 75%.

In Prepare to Pass 103, the passing mark is 85%.

In Prepare to Pass 104,  the passing mark is 95%.

We have also customized our courses into two categories:  one for Court Reporters and one for Transcribers.

  • Courses 101R, 102R, 103R and 104R for Court Reporters.
  • Courses 101T, 102T, 103T and 104T for Transcribers.

As you pass each level, you go on to the next, each level gearing towards equipping you with the expert skills needed for Certification examinations.

Course lessons will include:

– Legal Terminology

– Medical Terminology

– Sentence Structure

– Grammar

– Punctuation

– Spelling

– Transcription

At the end of each lesson, there is a test.  Each test has a generous time limit.  Our cutting-edge technology allows the tests to be marked immediately and the marks will be shown “on-the-fly”.  Once you’ve successfully passed Prepare to Pass 101, the next lesson you would take is Prepare to Pass 102 and so on.

FAQ for the Prepare to Pass Courses:

What is the schedule for the courses?

We suggest you schedule time to take the courses within two weeks prior to the AAERT examination.  Each course is divided into four sections.  Each section is 2-3 hours long (including tests).

What topics will the courses cover?

  • Course lessons will include:

          – Legal and Medical Terminology

         – Sentence Structure

         – Grammar

         – Punctuation

         – Spelling

         – Transcription

How will I know whether or not I’ve passed each course?

You will receive your mark immediately upon selecting the “submit”  button at the bottom of each test.

If I don’t pass a Prepare to Pass course, can I take it over again?

  •  Yes.  If you have not passed the test at the end of the lesson, you will have the opportunity of taking it again without having to login again.


  • If you do not succeed in passing on your second attempt, the system will automatically log you out and you will be required to register and pay for the “Prepare to Pass course again, starting at the level you were unable to successfully complete.

Will I receive any recognition?

Yes.  For every course you take and successfully complete with BlueLedge, you will receive, in the mail, a formal Award Certificate suitable for framing.

What books do you recommend I study?

  • For Canadian students, we recommend you use the Gregg Reference Manual.  
  • For students in the United States, we recommend Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters. 

Are there any other resources that can assist me?

  • Yes.  We recommend each student review at least one of the following available resources:
  • Hypergrammar A comprehensive grammar guide from Ottawa University in Canada.
  • Grammar Safari Use the search engines to scour the web for authentic examples of grammar in action and then use what you’ve found in different activities.  You do need to have a fairly good knowledge of using the Internet but the instructions are clear.

Do you have any tips for me?

  • Yes, we suggest the four Rs – Review, Recognize, Rise, Register
  • REVIEW the Grammar Books and online assistance listed above.
  • RECOGNIZE the value of taking our “Prepare to Pass” courses.
  • RISE  to a pristine international level of professional certification.
  • REGISTER soon and take each of the Prepare to Pass Courses.  They have been developed exclusively to prepare the professional to take the examinations.